``Life is One Beautiful Canvas, make sure you are painting yours with lots of colors, shapes, flowers, clouds, mountains, valleys, people who shape you and your dreams.``


Life Coach

Social Media Consultant

Talent Scout

“If My Body Was A Canvas of Words” is my Autobiography through Poems.


LIFE COACH Mary Tawadros is an invaluable asset in my life. I recall my first life coach session so well because I came to her in tears having ended a bad relationship. It was going to be a strenuous task to edify the brokenness but her coaching partnership, her selfless, caring personality and constant dedication have made it possible for me to regain control of my life. She cares about your goals and is committed to your progress and well being. I loved sitting down with Mary and writing down on paper my aspirations, and closing in prayer in our sessions meant the world to me. She incorporated lessons with art, awaking a dormant side of me – I wrote poems and that was everything. During the sessions I discovered my strengths and learned to slowly tear away the layers and work on discovering who I was and where I was going. It would not have been possible to identify the root issues, face them and tackle them without Mary. Every difficult situation I was in, she was always there to help guide and encourage me through the journey. I never felt judge, always felt calm and going at my pace. Patience is one of her strongest assets and I say it’s the most important when you are trying to move forward with a new perspective in life. That is the key - for you to achieve on your own, and Mary will help you get there and unlock the potential you are.



Mary is an amazing life coach. I have worked with her for a year now and I have been pleasantly satisfied with her services. She is God-led, humble and kind. She gives me insight on things in my life and business that I may not perceive on my own. She also writes beautiful poetry which is a bonus. Thank you Mary for all that you do.


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